Platinum Name and Symbols

Platinum Registration, Inc. is a registered legal entity.  Our company name, logos and certification symbols are controlled owned by Platinum Registration, Inc.  No organization or entity my reproduce our name, certificates or logos without permission.

To validate any certificate of registration, please contact us.  There is a quick link on our webpage under the Resources tab.

Accreditation Symbol Restriction

Upon certification, Platinum will provide your organization with Platinum and accreditation body symbols that can be used when marketing certification.

You cannot use the symbols in any way that could cause confusion or deception regarding certification.  Always remember to think about your interested parties and buyers.

Where you elect to use the symbols on the organization’s stationary and literature and/or on its advertising, the ANAB and Platinum symbols must be used together.  Use of the symbols will always be subject to the conditions of the use of the symbols as specified by Platinum in the Client Responsibilities Document and in certification agreements.

When reproducing symbols, you must ensure that:

  • The ANAB symbol has been reproduced in black or white or light-colored background or in blue (PMS 286 or equivalent) and red (PMS 485 or equivalent).  Equivalent means that color printers that cannot be calibrated are acceptable as long as the color match is close;
  • All symbols have been reproduced in a size that makes all features of the symbols clearly distinguishable;
  • All symbols have been reproduced without distortion of their dimensions;
  • In a manner where the ANAB accreditation symbol does not exceed the size of the Platinum symbol;
  • The ANAB symbol is not placed in isolation from the Platinum symbol.

You cannot place the Platinum and ANAB’s accreditation symbols on products or in such a way as to suggest that Platinum or the ANAB have certified or approved any product, process or service or in any other misleading manner.  Symbols cannot be placed on test results, calibration or inspection reports since these reports are considered to be “products.”

If packaging or other items used for transport includes the symbols, you must ensure that a clear statement is included to the effect that the product contained therein was manufactured in a facility with a [specify, e.g., quality] management system certified as being in conformity with [specific standard, e.g., ISO 9001:2008].

You must also protect accreditation symbols from unauthorized use or distribution.

While under suspension, the use of certification symbols is prohibited.

Again, Platinum restricts the use of its name and certification information associated with any artwork other than what it provides, without explicit written consent.