Platinum Gives Back in 2017 Through the Difference Maker Movement

difference-maker-1The Difference Maker Movement that Platinum supports was started by a young boy named Kylan when he was just 9 years old, because, in his words, he wanted to change the world.  He met some very special people who believed he could. Kylan’s desire is to show others that no matter your age or income, you can make a difference to someone. It could be someone in your neighborhood, in your school, or around the world.

difference-maker-2Now Kylan is trying to spread the word and help others to become Difference Makers.

Colorado is so lucky to have this young philanthropist in our midst.  His work has been recognized by local news and by our Governor in the creation of Difference Maker Day

difference-maker-3For every new client that mentions this program, Platinum will donate $100.00 to Kylan’s Difference Maker Movement to help make positive change happen.

Did you know that anyone can be a Difference Maker? For ideas on how you can impact your community, visit the Difference Maker website.

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