Making Murky ISO 9001:2015 Clear

Making ISO 9001:2015 ClearOkay – now that it’s out we are all reviewing the ISO 9001:2015 Standard and preparing our systems for implementation and auditing and the vast amount of flexibility in the Standard is causing some concern.   Not to worry, Platinum has decided that we are going to step out and tell you our expectations to hopefully help you prepare your management system in a way that will be both effective  for assuring conformance and stress-free when it comes to audit time.  As far as we know, we are the only certification body willing to take a stand and let you know what we are thinking about the Standard and what our expectations will be as we audit against it.   It’s going to help our auditors too – so that they are consistent and fair in their expectations…and so you don’t experience any differences between us as you experience different auditors.

Join us on April 12 for a free special presentation of this policy!

Platinum is trying to get the word out – about our guidelines for ISO 9001:2015 expectations. Sign up below to register for our webinar and to receive a copy of this policy.

Getting the ISO 9001:2015 word out

We are using every venue possible to talk about this.  If you would like to host a special presentation and have the opportunity to ask questions – let us know – we will be happy to set something up.

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