Cooperation With ISO Consultants

ISO ConsultantClients expect their consultants to have expertise in the standard, empathy for the needs and workloads of their business and leadership skills to help develop a useful system. The outcome of a third-party certification audit is extremely important. You don’t need to deal with a certification body that isn’t aware of your needs.

We get it.

It’s our goal to help you prove the conformance of your client’s systems. The systems that you helped them build.

When they look good, you look even better.

Keeping you in the client loop

We know how it goes:  your client signs an agreement with a certification body, then cuts communication with you. This potentially makes it difficult for you to support your client during audit planning and performance.  With your client’s permission, we ensure that you remain in the communication loop.  This helps you plan your schedule and prepare.

Your input is vital

We recognize the importance of clients needing to understand and operate their own system.  New leadership requirements make it clear that leadership representatives must explain themselves in the context of the system and we facilitate their participation in demonstrating their involvement.

We welcome you to the table to join in discussions.  Leadership is not expected to know the precise requirements of ISO, but their consultants are.  Discussion with their ISO consultant at this stage in the process is a huge value-added benefit.  Platinum recognizes that you are their counselor and support and we welcome your involvement.

Resolving findings

When a nonconformance is identified, we understand that this situation, though common, has the potential to create a sensitive situation.  Whether warranted or not, the client may be validating your knowledge with our audit results.

Our method of transparent auditing and precise nonconformance reporting allows you, the client and our auditor to discuss the situation and evidence observed to confirm the finding.  Sometimes this discussion is needed to have a better understanding of the process.  Let’s face it, you probably know all the answers anyway.

We write our reports so that findings are clear; you don’t have to waste time researching a nonconformance.  Clear, objective evidence is always identified.


Making you look good

If you need help understanding the standard or our expectations – we can help! Just contact us!

Our auditors understand you and your client’s needs.  We arrive prepared and conduct the audit efficiently, all while making you and your client feel as comfortable and safe as possible.  Audits don’t need to be threatening or scary to be effective.  Working in partnership toward the same goal is the best way to obtain information about the business and its conformance.

Our auditors assure clients that nonconformances are not a big deal, but rather, an expected outcome of complex systems that cannot be 100 percent sampled.  When we see great things, we make sure to acknowledge them, making you and the client look good.  We make clients feel great about the process and help maintain their confidence in you.

Consultant resources & value-adds from Platinum

We provide several valuable resources to help consultants understand requirements, keep ahead of changes, and look even better to their clients:

  • Helping you build your client-base. A lot of prospective Platinum clients want help vetting consultancy organizations.  We cannot tell any client or potential client that certification is faster, better, easier or cheaper when they use a specific consultant.  We can, however, add your name and contact details to a list of consultants who we have interacted with so that clients can have some reassurance that they are getting a reputable and reliable consultant.  If you would like to be added to our resource page on our website, please contact us or complete the form below.
  • Keeping you up to date. Platinum’s president sits on the U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) which means we have up-to-the-minute news on industry changes or new developments to the standard.  We help you stay informed with newsletters.  Click here to receive timely industry updates.
  • Articles and Transition Tools. Our website is continually updated with information to help you and your clients understand expectations and requirements.  There are also several hands-on, practical client tools to help with transition, making everybody’s life a little easier.
  • Webinars. While we are prohibited from doing joint sales presentations with consultants, we can do presentations for consultants and their clients.  Watch our website and sign up for webinars if you are interested.  If you are looking for a specific webinar, but don’t see it  – click here, and tell us about your idea and let’s talk about what we could do!
  • Phone and Email Help. Sometimes, consultants just need to bounce an idea around to see if it would conform to the requirements of the standard.  If you have a question about your approach or about a requirement, feel free to call us.  We are always happy to help you!
  • We’re listening. Got something on your mind? Have recommended improvements? Know that we are a phone call or an email away. We’re here to help.

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