Change, Change and More Change – even for Certification Bodies!

Along with the changes to the Quality and Environmental Management System Standards, new Standards have been released for Certification Bodies like Platinum as well.

ISO 17021:2015 contains some of the requirements that we follow. Platinum is already working on integrating these requirements into our systems; you will see us doing some things a little differently over the next year. Most notably, you will see us begin to incorporate the wording “major” and “minor” into our nonconformances.

It really shouldn’t change our methods much, but it will feel a little bit different. The obvious cascading effect from changed Standards is revised Accreditation Rules. To accommodate all of these changes in our industry, we have revised our Client Responsibilities document and have placed it in the “Client” link on our website. We will send individual emails to our client contacts with the password for this location. Of course, our auditors will continue to give you copies when they visit you, too, and you are always welcome to contact us directly if you have any questions.

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