The Results Are In: Annual Client Survey Reveals Highest Rate of Client Satisfaction Yet

Thumbs Up for High Client SatisfactionOnce a year, Platinum sends out a Client Satisfaction Survey to ensure that the quality of our services are the best that they can be for our clients.

We just got the results from our 2016 QMS Client Survey and, while we always strive for the best customer service, we have to say…they are even better than expected.

Top 10 things that are important to our clients

We have hundreds of clients from a wide variety of industries and no two clients are alike, but some of the most important things that clients said they were looking for in a certification body seem to apply across the board, according to our survey results.

And we delivered.

Here are the Top 10 must-haves our clients told us were of utmost importance to them in a certification body and why they had such a high satisfaction rate with Platinum meeting these needs:

  1. Knowledge of the Standards
  2. Assistance in understanding the Standards
  3. Cost effectiveness
  4. An understanding of clients’ business/industry
  5. Fair and honest audits – no “creative interpretation” of the Standards
  6. Clear verbal communication and concise written reports – no guesswork required
  7. Expert technical knowledge
  8. Responsiveness – never having to wait
  9. Customer service – going the extra mile
  10. Auditors are approachable and make clients feel at ease

Why we’re good at it.

We have been in business for nearly 20 years, providing cost-effective ISO certifications for a wide range of service and manufacturing industries. Platinum’s President and Audit Operations Manager sit on the national committee that helps to shape the Standards themselves, giving our clients information they need when they need it in real-time, Platinum’s management is very picky about who we hire, so all of our auditors:

  • Are certified, professional auditors.
  • Have training or experience in your industry (knowledge of common key processes, terminology and regulations).
  • Are pleasant, approachable and will put you at ease during the audit process.
  • Are trained on Platinum processes and updated appropriately.
  • Are reviewed with management involvement and oversight through:
    • Witnessed performance audits
    • Annual performance reviews
    • Consideration of client feedback (We send a survey after each audit)

We want you to succeed. If you look good, we look good. Thanks to all of our clients for the valuable feedback – we literally couldn’t do it without you!

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